Projects executed for the Industrial and Power Sectors

Latest projects completed by ZPUE for the industry and power sectors include:
  • Supply of a 42-bay double BRDA switchgear to supply the new mine shaft "Bzie Dębina" at JSW S.A.

  • Supply of a 6 kV 15-bay NAREW switchgear for JSW S.A., Division Hard Coal Mine KWK "Borynia-Zofiówka" Ruch Zofiówka

  • Delivery of MV 20 bay ODRA switching station for the modernised SE Kuźnica substation at Enion S.A. Branch in Częstochowa

  • The exchange of the 4-section main switchgear in the electric substation 110/6kV KRG Rudna Główna in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

  • Supply of the 2-section, 16-field switchgear 6kV type RAWA applied in the underground mining for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Rudna Mining Department References

  • Delivery and foundation of transformer stadion type MAMRY. Delivery and assembly of: two transformers 15/6kV 4000KVA, 15-unit MV switchgear 15kV type ODRA (with start-up) and 21-unit MV switchgear 6kV type ODRA (with start-up) for heat-generating plant Fortum Częstochowa References

  • Execution and as-bulit project with delivery of 9-unit MV switchgear NAREW for Coal Mine „Zofiówka”

  • Coking Plant „Przyjaźń” –delivery and foundation of transformer station MAMRY. Delivery and assembly of: two transformers 6/3kV 1250KVA, 8-unit MV switchgear ODRA (with start-up)

  • Modernization of 6kV switchgear for Mozyr Refinery, Belarus. The scope of works includes supply and start-up of 8-bay switchgear (6kV) of NAREW type

  • ODRA switchgear – start-up of 48 bays (6kV), WARTA switchgear - 54 bays (0,4 kV), connection cabinets (6kV), transformer chambers , sub-switchgears – start-up for Siekierki Heat and Power Plant (Vattenfall Heat)

  • Delivery of automatic control cabinets with Allen Bradley’s inverters used for power supply to drives of belt conveyors in Russian metallurgical plant owned by "Severstal" EnergoPro Moscow (Russia)

  • MV switchgears for 6, 15 and 20 kV auxiliaries and power offtake from Połaniec Power plant (PSE Operator)

  • ODRA for 110/15kV transformer/switching station in Środa Wielkopolska (ENEA S.A.)

  • Medium Voltage secondary circuit cabinets and Low Voltage switchgears for modernized Plewiska transformer/switching station – installation and start-up (ENEA S.A.)

  • Modernization of the switching stations SN R05 and R06 located in the Thermal -Electric Power Plant “Wybrzeże” – EDF Group in Gdansk

  • Modernization of the switchgear SN 6kV 67RW for the mine Lubelski Węgiel “Bogdanka” S.A. The scope of work includes supply, assembly and commissioning of 3-section, 32-field switchgear of ODRA 6kV type

  • Delivery of 40 switch bays of MV ODRA switchgear within backfitting of Kozienice Power Plant P6 power unit 6 kV switchgear Reference

  • Delivery and assembly of the equipment of the transformer station, i.e. the 6-field DRAWA medium-voltage switchgear, for the LM Glasfiber propeller blade factory in Goleniów

  • Delivery and foundation of the MAMRY reinforced concrete container provided with the 8-field ODRA medium-voltage switchgear, the 4-field NAREW medium-voltage switchgear and two 6/3 kV transformers of 1250 kVA power for Koksownia Przyjaźń S.A.

  • Prefabrication of the ODRA 12 medium-voltage switchgear, its assembly and startup at Zakłady Chemiczne Police S.A. in Police near Szczecin Reference

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