Contract of the year

Our company carries out the task “The exchange of the 4-section main switchgear in the electric substation 110/6kV KRG Rudna Główna in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.”.

The task is highly complicated and involves a wide range of operations.

The contract partly involves:

  • project: building, construction and electric part related to the switchboard 6 kV GST3 modernisation,
  • installation of the existing switchgear with its devices (related to modernisation), delivery, installation and activation of the new switchgear,
  • necessary construction and installation works related to the switchgear installation, renovation and adaptation of buildings.
The creation of a new switchgear of extremely high parameters is foreseen in the project. Each section (total of 98 fields) of the switchgear must be adapted to the set in the ring on two levels. Such a switchgear will constitute a unique solution in Europe.

Photos of Rudna Główna mining plant


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