Marek Pokrywka - Member of the Board, Commercial Director

Graduated from the Electrical Engineering Department at the Technical University of Poznań. He has large knowledge and practical skills of organizing and managing production at building and assembly companies. He has completed many management and marketing courses.

He has a good command of English and Russian languages.
He is a member of the Greater Poland's Regional Chambers of Civil Engineers, chairman of the Qualification Committee no. 621, at Elektromontaż Poznań, appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office. Has certified building and designing qualifications for building and designing electrical networks and systems.

Elektromontaż employee since 1992.
Site Manager until 1985, then Work Group Manager. Building and Assembly Production Manager in the years 1997-1998, Assistant Director for Production since January 1999. Member of the Management Board since November 1999.

Commercial Director since January 2005. He is in charge of the Region Directors and Bidding and Production Preparation Office

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